Tips to detox your body this Summer

In our fast paced world, we have resorted to eat just to satisfy our hunger. The real reason we eat is to supply our 75 trillion cells the nutrients they need to be able to do what they were created to do. Well nourished cells will allow the body to repair, regenerate, and therefore thrive. […]

My Toddler Had a Breath Holding Spell and It Was Scary AF

There’s a lot of on-the-job learning when you’re a parent of a toddler. (Or, in my case, two toddlers!) Over time you learn how to find the perfect sippy cup, buy clothes they’ll actually wear, coerce them to leave the house on time, diffuse tantrums —  you know, normal everyday stuff. But, as I recently […]

Mindfulness + Your Total Gym Workout = Max Results

Exercise and training your body is like anything else you do in life – if you are completely focused on what you’re doing, you’re going to get the most out of it. Read on to learn 3 simple workout concepts that will maximize your benefits and the ROI (Return On Investment) on your Total Gym […]

7 Affirmations That’ll Make You Happier

We all know how important self-talk is. What you say to yourself (and how you treat yourself) matters, big time. And, once you’re in the habit of watching your thoughts, it’s important to not only challenge the untrue ones, but also to replace them with something more uplifting. Something more like your best friend would […]

Running Gear That’s Putting Pep in Our Step

I often compare running to golf. In both sports, consistent effort and good form basically always lead to improvement. And, in both sports, you need to be prepared for bad days, because even the most consistent effort and the best form can’t guarantee that every time out will be a success. I mean, who among […]

A Birthday Gift for You! (And a Fun Celebration Playlist)

Hey, all! We are turning 13 this week! Meaning, we’ve gone from a preteen blog, to a full teenager. Yeowers. And, just like any good teen, we are ready to party — the best way we know how. With free stuff. And an amazing hour-long high-energy workout playlist that brings the fun party vibes to […]

Total Gym Pilates Based Core Workout for Summer Abs

Summer is around the corner, so as we start to shed some clothing layers and enjoy the warm sunshine, let’s do so with confidence and some slim and trim abs thanks to the discipline of Pilates. You might be pondering, “I’ve heard a lot about Pilates but what exactly is Pilates?” Here is the definition […]

The Secret to Cleaner and Fresher Air at Home

We are an official ambassador for Clarifion. Clarifion provided us with product samples for the purpose of this post, as well as compensation for our time. As always, all opinions expressed are our own. Has anyone else noticed that allergies are worse than ever?! I certainly have. I can’t remember a spring where I spent […]

Bullet Proof Plan for a STRONGER YOU – Part 5: Total Body Active Stretch

Get the most out of your workouts to develop your ultimate best and become “The Stronger You” with a Bullet Proof Plan geared to achieve success. Welcome to the final part of the 5-part series for building consistency and adding strength gains to your workouts. The part 5 strategy focuses on knowing when to change […]

Bullet Proof Plan for a STRONGER YOU – Part 4: Total Body Cardio Strength

Strength development is not just about building muscle mass or developing definition. There are many important components that contribute to the overall development of strength. A successful fitness program should include a balance of cardio, strength, and flexibility training. TRAINING STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS #4 Keep Improving Achieving success is rewarding. It provides a validation that […]