Ultimate Home Gym Playlist

Looking for the ultimate home gym playlist? Oh, FBGs, we have GOT it for you! Ever since we created our garage gym (AKA, the Barn Box), I’ve been crafting the perfect home gym playlist. The track list is a little bit funky, a lot 90s, a bit grungy, occasionally hipster, and a whole lot of […]

Muscle up your breath

The essence of life is our breath. Breathing is more important than eating or sleeping. It is necessary to learn to regulate and control our breath to effectively heal the mind and body. Begin to recognize that breath is energy, which will allow us to control our focus and awareness throughout the day. Breathwork is […]


If your goal is to get toned, tight, and trim while building a beautiful booty, then these Pilates based exercises using your leg pulley accessory will help do the trick. But wait, there’s more… they will also help improve hip mobility, stability, flexibility, and enhance your daily movements, something we all need. PILATES PLEASE Pilates […]

French Toast Fingers with Quick Berry Syrup

Finger foods. Every kid loves ’em. And, heck, a lot of grown-ups do as well. (Including us!) Which is why we can’t get enough of these tasty and adorable French Toast Fingers with Quick Berry Syrup from Alexandra Caspero’s and Whitney English’s (you might remember her from this inspiring podcast ep!) new book, The Plant-Based […]

How to Relax and Find Ease

There’s no doubt that the last year and a half has been stressful for all of us, for all the reasons. And, while it seems as though we’re starting to settle back into some semblance of normal (whatever that means!), some of those big stressors and emotions are, well, still very much present. In a […]

Strengthen your hips on the Total Gym using the leg pulley accessory–Part 3 of 3

PART 3: HIP MOBILITY TO PERFORM BETTER Your body is meant to have physical freedom and move in a wide range of motion. However, restrictions in movement, especially in the hip area, can significantly impact performance. These restrictions can be caused by many factors, including overuse, underuse, and improper use of your hip joints. Some […]

Strengthen your hips on the Total Gym using the leg pulley accessory – Part 1 of 3

PART 1: HIP MOBILITY FOR INJURY PREVENTION So often workouts are limited to various forms of the same movements. Whether it’s strength training involving squats or cardio workouts involving running, we tend to just focus on unilateral movements that are routine and easy to perform. While this may help build strength to certain parts of […]

Meditations That Help Process Big Emotions

Having big emotions these days? Big thoughts and feelings that are keeping you up at night, tossing and turning? You are not alone. Which is why we are thrilled to share the following two meditations that help process big emotions from Courtney E. Ackerman’s latest book, Midnight Meditations. In her book she shares 150 zen-inducing […]

Review: Fast, Fresh, and Fit Food with Factor

To say I’m “busy” is the understatement of the year. With a very energetic and creative six-year-old plus twin toddlers plus my business plus my ongoing wine studies, I have a lot on my plate. And, while my proverbial life plate is quite full (and I think A LOT of you can understand that!), the […]