Tired of the Treadmill? Try These Fun Heart Healthy Workouts Instead

September is AFib Awareness Month, and at Fitbit, we’re helping you to learn more through content that focuses on all things heart health throughout the month. Click here for more blog posts in the series. The treadmill is a great way to get a heart-pumping workout—and log your Active Zone Minutes for the day! But […]

Transform Snack Time into Learning Time

Back-to-school season is upon us, which means busy days of juggling homework, after school snacks, and trying to sneak in some quality family time. So why not combine a few of those things together with educational snack ideas that let your kids learn while fueling their bodies? “There is so much for kids to learn […]

The Brussel Sprout – A True Superfood

We hear so much about different superfoods, but if there is one food that truly falls into the superfood category, it is sprouts. They have the largest amount of nutrients of any food. Sprouting increases the vitamin content of seeds significantly. What are Brussel sprouts? So what are sprouts exactly? They are edible seeds that […]

How to Make Your Own Butterscotch “Beer”

Every fall we get the urge to binge watch all of the Harry Potter movies. Anyone else? There’s just a lot of fall vibes in those movies, and we are here for it! Which, seeing that it’s basically September and all, is exactly why this cookbook caught our attention (HP fans unite!): Fifty magically simple, […]

Why the Beach is So Relaxing

There’s something about spending time on the beach that helps melt stress and put you in a better mindset. It’s not in your head—some science explains the different reasons the shore helps you relax. Although researchers continue to explore these awesome side effects, take it as further proof that, yes, you really do need a […]

Healthy Recipes: Beach Snacks

Enjoy National Beach Day on August 30 with these three delicious recipes. Simple, ingenious, flavorful, and even immune-boosting—these snack ideas are perfect for noshing on the sand and/or in the sunshine. Healthy Recipe: Frozen Fruit Kabobs Simple, but ingenious: Taking frozen fruit on your next outdoor adventure will keep you eating seasonally, staying hydrated, and […]

The Top 6 Exercises to Reduce Low-back and Knee Pain

If you or any of your clients have ever experienced low-back or knee pain, you know all too well its impact on exercise, movement and energy levels. With chronic pain, comes chronic exhaustion, and the possible dependence on pain-relief medications, which risk causing other symptoms. Low-back pain is a common problem around the world, with […]

Your Daily To-do List for Marketing

Sure, posting on social media is a great way to get your message out, tell your story and create awareness. But, as I’ve said before, social media should not be your only marketing strategy. Instead, it would be best if you prioritized a few “offline” self-promotion strategies daily. When done consistently, over time, your book […]

How to Accurately Measure Your Height?

You have probably been getting your height measured right from the times when you were a child. Measuring height is an important metric for proper growth and is usually part of a standard routine. It is also an integral part of a medical check-up. We usually need to measure the height for other non-medical reasons […]

Here Are 5 of the Best After School Snacks for Kids

The kids have headed back to school and you know what that means—they’ll be hungry when they get home. But before you reach for the cookie jar, try adding these dietitian-approved after school snacks into your routine. Easy to prepare, rich in nutrition, and kid-approved, these snack ideas will fuel your little one’s body while […]