Try These 6 Morning Rituals for Peak Mind, Body, and Heart Wellness

September is AFib Awareness Month, and at Fitbit, we’re helping you to learn more through content that focuses on all things heart health throughout the month. Click here for more blog posts in the series. Did you know that a healthy morning routine can directly affect the trajectory of your day? It’s true. Taking the […]

5 Things That Are Making Your Immune System Weaker

Immunity is on the minds of all of us these days, for all the reasons. If you’re looking to give your immune system a bit of a boost — in addition to getting your vaccine and following all of the current CDC guidelines — read on for a guest article from Laura May, digital editor […]

Healthy Recipe: Chai Spiced Milkshake (with a Secret Ingredient!)

We are on a constant quest to get more vegetables into the day. But dessert is not usually where it happens! Cauliflower brings a neutral and creamy base to this unusual shake and its subtle vegetal flavor blends nicely with traditional chai flavors.   The result is a filling, sweet tooth-satisfying milkshake with the added benefit […]

Top 10 Heart-Healthy Foods You Must Include in Your Diet!

It is a no-brainer that your diet should consist of healthy foods. However, did you know that certain healthy foods specifically target your heart? Heart-healthy foods are nutritious as a whole. In particular, they strive for the proper functioning of the heart.  As of recent studies, if you want to know the cause of one […]

Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes We All Make

Are you struggling to perform your basic everyday tasks or just inherently feeling unhealthy? Then it’s time to hop on a healthy weight loss routine.  This pandemic and the new work from the home routine have added a few extra inches to the waistline for some of us. With the new sedentary lifestyle, sitting for […]

Controlling Blood Sugar with Diet and Lifestyle

When you eat food, your body breaks down carbohydrates into a simple sugar called glucose, which is absorbed into the blood. Blood glucose (or blood sugar) is the main sugar found in your blood, and it is a critical element in the human body. Not only does blood glucose fuel every cell in your body […]

I Wore a Continuous Glucose Monitor for 2 Weeks—Here’s What I Learned

Devices like Fitbit trackers and smartwatches have helped millions of people keep track of their health and wellness because these devices can help you become more aware of your habits. Plus, you’ll be able to set goals toward improving and maintaining your health and wellness—from getting more steps and exercising more frequently to getting a […]

All About The HealthifyMe Smart Plan

Wondering what all the HealthifyMe fuss is about? We’re sure you’ve heard by now that millions of users are opting for HealthifyMe to track their meals and help achieve their health and fitness goals. Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness coaches have been steering their trainees and patients towards the HealthifyMe platform, strongly advising them to use […]

Healthy Recipe: Gochujang Jackfruit Sliders with a Sesame Slaw

Casual, easy to make and great for sharing, sliders make the perfect entertaining food. This vegan version takes it up a notch with jackfruit center stage and Korean flavors for an unusual spicy kick.   Jackfruit is an exotic plant that makes a great stand-in for meat because it absorbs cooking flavors well and has a […]

4 Causes of Knee Pain and 6 Exercises to Help Reduce that Pain

You know the feeling—you put off getting out of your seat or avoid walking downstairs because when you do, you experience a lot of pain or discomfort in your knees. The pain could be short-term, as a result of bumping it against a hard surface or long-term, caused by a significant or traumatic injury. Or […]