LGBTQIA+ in the Fitness Industry

In recognition of Pride Month, ACE recently hosted a Facebook Live event discussing the LGBTQIA+ community in the fitness industry. Since education about the terminology involved was a focal point of that discussion, let’s begin by defining each element of that acronym: L – Lesbian G – Gay B – Bisexual T – Transgender Q […]

3 Questions to Answer to Market Yourself More Effectively

Whether you plan to market yourself via social media, traditional advertising or word of mouth, you must be able to answer these three questions to get noticed: Who is your target market? What are their urgent needs and compelling desires? Why did you choose this work? Who Is Your Target Market?  A target market, loosely […]

How You Can Promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Fitness Industry

The first step toward promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the fitness industry is to understand its importance, both to you as a professional and to the industry as a whole. In the long-term, it requires an ongoing dialogue with yourself during which you are open to exploring where you may have been falling […]

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Fitness Industry

As health and exercise professionals, we have the knowledge and skill to coach and mentor our clients and participants toward better health. As leaders who aim to serve our respective communities, we also have a responsibility to understand how equity, diversity and inclusion impact individuals in health and fitness spaces (online and offline), and then […]

Should You Try Acupuncture for Better Sleep?

You’ve tried meditation to help you sleep, cutting out your 3 p.m. latte, and melatonin. Yet you still can’t seem to doze off in a reasonable amount of time or stay in dream mode and get a good night’s sleep. Maybe it’s time to consider acupuncture. This ancient practice from traditional Chinese medicine “is a […]

Muscle up your breath

The essence of life is our breath. Breathing is more important than eating or sleeping. It is necessary to learn to regulate and control our breath to effectively heal the mind and body. Begin to recognize that breath is energy, which will allow us to control our focus and awareness throughout the day. Breathwork is […]

A Guide to Rice: How to Pick Which One is Right For You

Rice is a staple food for over half the world’s population, particularly in Asia. A rich source of carbohydrate, rice plays an important role in fuelling these populations and delivering important nutrients. There are 5,000 different varieties of rice from around the world. Along with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, they come with […]


If your goal is to get toned, tight, and trim while building a beautiful booty, then these Pilates based exercises using your leg pulley accessory will help do the trick. But wait, there’s more… they will also help improve hip mobility, stability, flexibility, and enhance your daily movements, something we all need. PILATES PLEASE Pilates […]

French Toast Fingers with Quick Berry Syrup

Finger foods. Every kid loves ’em. And, heck, a lot of grown-ups do as well. (Including us!) Which is why we can’t get enough of these tasty and adorable French Toast Fingers with Quick Berry Syrup from Alexandra Caspero’s and Whitney English’s (you might remember her from this inspiring podcast ep!) new book, The Plant-Based […]

Dessert Recipe: Fudgesicle Bars with Date Caramel

Hot summer days call for cool sweet treats. These creamy “fudgesicles” are so decadent that no one will believe that it’s not dairy and that they contain only 5 grams of sugar per serving. It’s all in the creamy coconut milk, date caramel, and salty-sweet crunchy toppings that elevate a simple vegan ice cream base […]