Various Myths about weight loss

Various Myths about weight loss
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There are number of myths when you consider weight loss, exercise and nutrition. The following are the various myths going around.

1)    Lack of exercise would make you fat:

Generally, you would not put on weight when you don’t exercise but weight would increase when there is more amount of blood sugar level in your body than normal. Exercising will help you keep your body active and there are other health benefits for exercising. Exercising will help you to burn the calories which you have consumed. The most important thing which you need to know about weight gain is when you take more calories and you are unable to burn them, you would put on weight.

2)    After you turn 30 your metabolism slows down:

Several researches have told us that the reduced levels in metabolism for after 30 years is due to the muscle loss. One of the reasons for muscle loss would be low physical activity too. So, to make sure to maintain your metabolism even in your middle age you need to involve certain weight bearing exercises in your routine.

3)    Carbohydrates are fattening:

Most of them who are getting health conscious are now preventing intake of carbohydrate rich food such as breads. The most important point which you need to understand here is that whatever you eat in more than what your body requires would fatten you. How much you eat and when you eat would always matter and it’s important for you to keep an eye on it. Any food which has calories would be stored as fat if you eat untimely and in large quantities.

4)    Eating after 7 pm would make you fat:

It’s not the time which you need to look for but whether the number of calories which you have consumed is required for your body at that time or not. Our body would burn different amounts of calories at different times and accordingly, you need to feed your body.

5)    Opting strength training would make you huge:

Most of the women are pretty conscious about their appearance. Usually the muscle size is determined by genetics and hormones. It’s very important for women to build muscle as it would burn a greater number of calories. The more muscles you have, the more you could burn them easily. When you go for weight training you get toned muscles which would make you stronger while letting you look slimmer than ever.

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