Causes, prevention, and treatment for hair loss

Causes, prevention, and treatment for hair loss
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In general, an adult scalp might have around 100,000 hair follicles and every day around 100 hairs might be lost but they would grow back in 5 or 6 weeks. There are several reasons for hair fall and it might vary from person to person.

The following are the common causes of hair fall.

  • Aging: though aging is a biological process and unavoidable with proper food that includes green foods, complex carbohydrates, water, juices etc you could decrease the aging process up to an extent.
  • Mineral deficiency: calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iodine are very essential for healthy hair growth.
  • Oxygen deficiency: less oxygen in your blood would weaken your hair follicles making it dry.
  • Medication side effects: sometimes it might be due to medication which has elements that might cause hair fall.
  • Genetic hair loss: hair loss which is due to hereditary.

Foods to avoid:

  • Saturated and trans fat: meat, poultry, cheese would build cholesterol in your blood vessels which results in less oxygen supply.
  • Smoking
  • Artificial colors
  • Food packaging
  • Salt
  • Preservatives

Hair loss prevention and treatment:

  • Minerals that would help you prevent hair loss: iron, zinc, copper, biotin, vitamin B, vitamin A, Vitamin E, CQ- 10.
  • Daily foods: yogurt and soya, nuts and seeds, essential fatty acids, carrots, green vegetables- dark, whole grain products.
  • Herbs: there are traditional herbs which have been used in preventing hair fall and promote hair growth since ages such as shikakai, grape seed extract, basil extract, pumpkin seeds, green tea, saw palmetto, kirin brewery new discovery.
  • Chinese herbs: there are even traditional Chinese herbs that are most effective in treating hair fall issue such as Ginseng, mulberry, dong quai, shouwu, psoralea seeds, green tea, Chinese yam, Chinese foxblove root, wolf berry etc.

Though there are a number of hair treatments available in the market and over the counter it’s always better to consult the concerned doctor and then choose the best suitable medicine for your hair fall. This is because finding the right cause of hair fall is essential before you choose any kind of treatments for hair loss. A dermatologist would understand exact reason behind your hair fall and would help you in overcoming hair loss and would let you find the right ways to promote hair growth. There are many doctors available in the market and you should visit the right person for treatment.

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