Alcohol intake would increase disease causing bacteria in mouth

Alcohol intake would increase disease causing bacteria in mouth
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A study says that changes in the oral microbes would lead to several gum diseases, heart problems, and even cancer. They were able to find out higher levels of harmful bacteria in heavy drinkers and lower level of bacteria thought to prevent sickness. When you drink, it could create an imbalance of good bacteria which might cause oral diseases.

A study conducted by the NYU School of medicine had found that there has been an alteration in the healthy combination of good oral microbes in those who consumed one or more than one alcohol beverages on daily basis. It might cause severe gum infections, cancer or even cardiovascular diseases. The imbalance of oral microbes is higher in people who drink than in those who don’t drink. Especially the beneficial bacteria would disappear and the harmful and inflammatory bacteria would increase in heavy alcohol drinkers. According to the study, the heavy drinkers we noted are those women and men who drink more than one or two drinks a day.

Those who drink heavily are at higher risk to develop multiple diseases which might even include cancer. In order to maintain our health, it is very important for us to prevent heavy alcohol drinking that would help you in maintaining healthy oral microbiome.

Good versus bad bacteria:

Our mouth has more than 700 different bacteria and some species of fungi too. These microbes do play a vital role in maintaining wellness, nutrient digestion, immune response and can even prevent certain cancers up to an extent. Usually, lactobacillus is found in probiotic food supplements and it is thought to prevent sickness. But when you look at the heavy drinkers, they have high levels of harmful bacteroidales, Neisseria bacteria, and actinomyces. The scientists even demonstrated that bacteria composition can influence the development of oral as well as the upper digestive tract cancers. Sometimes it might even include esophagus and pancreas cancer too. in heavy drinkers, it might even lead to heart disease, head and neck cancer or other diseases depending on the composition of harmful oral bacteria.

The researchers, though, were not able to confirm whether the people who maintained oral hygiene drinkers did really have a healthy oral bacterium or not. The authors at this time didn’t know whether a good mixture of healthy bacteria would promote health and would changing the oral bacterial contents would prevent diseases to a great extent or not.

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